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Ultimate Smart Lipo Pre and Post Surgery Tips

Ultimate Smart Lipo Pre and Post Surgery Tips

Pre-Surgery Tips

First, it is important to have pre-op consultations. It is during this time that the doctor plans the procedure. It is also the best time to ask any questions or convey any doubts about the procedure. Patients should also ask questions regarding the procedure and ask all possible option. Make sure to inform the doctor of what you want to attain with the surgery to achieve so that proper expectations can be set.

Next, it is best to arrange your schedule so that you have at least a week time or more off from work to recuperate. Make sure all loose ends are settled prior to taking time off from work as worrying about work during the recovery period will only slow down the recovery process.

It is best to follow pre-op guidelines or instruction given by the doctor down to the last letter. Make sure to avoid any medications that may cause further complications such as blood thinners and other medication or social activity like smoking and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, make sure to eat healthy and get enough rest prior to the surgery.

Lastly, make sure that your home is prepared for your recovery period. Prior to going to the hospital for the procedure, it is best to clean and sanitize any bed sheets to avoid contamination in the affected area. Additionally, it would be best to a have a small nightstand beside the bed which contains any medical supply or medication that needs to be taken.

Proper planning and organization can help make the smart lipo experience a positive one. By following the above mentioned tips and guidelines, one can prepare for the effects that it brings post-surgery. This will ultimately help speed up the recovery period and ensure a successful surgery.

Post-Surgery Tips

Most cosmetic procedures can be done in an outpatient basis, thus the patient will be sent home a few hours after the surgery. It is important to have someone take you home and help you get settled in your bed to rest. It is best to prepare the home and the bedroom before the surgery so that the recovery period can be as comfortable as possible. It’s is prudent to have family member or close friend, better a private nurse to assist you with your needs during the early phase of respiration.

The doctor will provide post-operative guidelines or instruction that should be strictly followed by the patient. It would have instructions on how to take care and clean the surgical wound and what activities are prohibited. It is important to follow these instructions to avoid any possible post-op complications.

The patient should also wear compression garments as instructed. The compression garments help reduce swelling and speeds up the healing process. It is best to purchase at least two to three compression garments so that the patient can use it interchangeably while the others are being cleaned.

It is advised to start moving around as the patient feels strong enough or after a couple of days. This reduces the risks of blood clots to be formed and also speeds up the recovery process. Furthermore, the doctor may describe light activates to expedite the healing process such as light stretching or soft massage.

And the most important tip is to regularly visit the doctor for post-op consultations. Regular checkup with the doctor will help monitor your healing process and detect any signs of post-op complications.

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