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Successful Recovery After A Breast Augmentation

Successful Recovery After A Breast Augmentation

It must be known to all, that not every individual responds the same way to surgery be it minor or major, cosmetic or non cosmetic procedure like face lift or breast augmentation surgery. There is no way to know or anticipate how fast your body will recover from the operation. The recuperation phase for some patients could take longer than for others. It may be affected by several factors like age, sex, diet, medical condition or activity. Recovery from breast augmentation procedure is dependent upon the condition of your health, your lifestyle, and what your tolerance is for pain.

Some patients can tolerate a lot of pain or discomfort, while others don’t and these may affect the rate at which they get back to normal. Some other individuals may have minimal soreness that resolves after short period of time then they to go back to their regular activity within a couple of days to a week’s time.

The stitches or sutures are usually non absorbable for better resulting scar that is less noticeable and inconspicuous. The sutures usually remain in place for atleast a week, after the surgeon will take a close look at them and determine whether it is time to remove them. The scar tend to be noticeable initial or its quite obvious because of the swelling and immaturity of the scar. However, when the swelling start to resolve, the scar also begins to transform and mature, then the resulting scar blends in with the surrounding skin. Once the stitches are taken out on the 1st or 2nd week, you may continue to have swelling. Patients should be informed that swelling is part of the natural process of the healing which improves in a few weeks. You will need to be patient with your breast augmentation recovery.

The swelling may cause your bosom to feel hard with some tingling sensation. You should not worry, this is expected and transient. Your breasts will eventually become softer and will take on the feeling of natural breasts after several weeks. Your surgeon will guide you through this process then make an analysis of how your chest looks and feels through the weeks when you breast is transforming and healing. He will let you understand if he thinks that your incisions are recovering properly.
Activity after breast augmentation surgery is gradually progress to facilitate your healing process and prevent recurrence of swelling. If patients starts aggressive or strenuous physical activity too soon, blood pressure surge may occur then swelling or bruising may recur. To support your breasts during recuperation and to facilitate appropriate healing process in a timely fashion, you need to get a rest during the initial days after surgery. Then activity is gradually progress as days passes. You may have light cardio activity like brisk walking on the 3rd week, full cardio exercise on the 4th to 5th week then weight lifting on the 6th week.

The surgeon will provided you the green light to return to work and when until everything had healed properly, however this will also depend on the kind of work you do. Each patient’s situation must be examined individually. If your work does not include straining or any heavy lifting, you may be allowed to return to work within a week or two. But for patients that is involve with aggressive and strenuous physical activity, return to work will take longer or several weeks. It will be best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon so that you will be guided properly.




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