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Structural Fat Graft, FAMI, Fat Injection for Facial Rejuvenation

Structural Fat Graft, FAMI, Fat Injection for Facial Rejuvenation

People ages 40 and above, it is but natural for people to be concerned with how they look. A usual problem that I hear from my patients from that age group is how can I help them make their skin look younger? They do not wish to undergo drastic cosmetic face-lifts, but they really feel they look prematurely old with dull color, sun spots, fine wrinkles and poor tone. Numerous of them ask me concerning the process of facial skin rejuvenation, facial profile changes due change in soft tissue volume that may affect skin quality.  Fat graft is a minimally invasive process that augment facial soft tissue and soften deep facial lines like the marionette lines and nasolabial lines.

Fats are usually harvested from other areas of the body like abdomen, thigh, arms and back where fats are in excess. These fats are processed into pure form before injecting to improve facial contour. 

Fats graft can also be to augment volume and enhance facial profile. This is why commonly called structural fat graft and volume augmentation. Cheek and chin shape and projection can be altered and improve with fat graft as well. The fat is injected into the subnormal layer of the skin of the face and placed in multiple layer for smoother transition between zones of the fat. This procedure also result to improvement in skin quality, reducing skin pores and suppleness. This is often attributed to stem cell effect of fat graft.

Often patients have hesitation in choosing fat graft as a method of improving or addressing deep lines of the face because the propensity of fats to be absorb by the body. Though studies had shown that 30 to 40% of injected fats is absorb by the body, our experience is contrary to this. We were able to appreciate that significant amount of fats survive when its injected into the face. This is often attributed to the fact that the face do have robust blood supply that improve and positively affect fat cell survival.

Structural fat graft injection, is best combined with other facial rejuvenation procedure like mini face lift skin resurfacing. Though, some doctors combine these procedures, often this is not performed in single session to minimize risk and complication thus maximizing result.

This procedure is good option for patients that would like to improve facial skin quality and soften deep facial line but don’t want to have any surgical incision. Fats are injected through small puncture hole through which mini canula is inserted to introduce the fat under the skin. However, for patients that have sever sagging and excess skin will not benefit with this procedure. Still excision surgery like MACS Lift, face lift or full face lift is best for them.

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