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Rhinoplasty Philippines – Celebrity Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty Philippines – Celebrity Nose Jobs

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye while being filmed and photographed for work by the paparazzi. The continuous attention and criticism puts a lot of demand (and stress) on celebrities to look their very best. Public figures must project and present them self pleasantly, as well as their personalities and looks  in order to become successful. Thus a nose job is oftentimes needed to make them more of a star quality and enhance self-confidence. It is imperative therefore that whenever celebrities undergo the knife, they choose qualified, expert surgeons that can achieve subtle, natural looking results.

Online checking and search brings a long list of stars both local and internationally, that apparently have had work done on their noses. Some celebrities admit to having work done, and actually discuss it openly. Here in the Philippines, local stars are said to have rhinoplasty procedures done on them. And what about the long list of local celebrities that under no circumstances admitted to having rhinoplasty surgery in the Philippines, but some critics maintain that they had gone under the knife?

The nose’s shape doesn’t alter significantly over the years, once you’ve reached adulthood. Nevertheless, different camera angles help create some tricks. Particular types of lighting along with digital touch ups, can make a big difference to the physical appearance of noses in photo and film. Most plastic surgeons who determine based on “before” and “after” photos that a certain celeb has had minor or significant work done, are usually evaluating pictures shot from different angles, which makes most of these opinions less reliable than you might think.

It appears to be fairly common for celebrities to have a nose job, but very few of them actually verify that they have had one. Because stars are photographed so frequently, it’s easy to compare before and after rhinoplasty photos and to hypothesize on whether or not they have had a nose job. Considering that Rhinoplasty surgery makes for a large percentage of cosmetic surgeries, it is a reasonable assumption that many more stars especially in Hollywood, that have had some kind of rhinoplasty compared to the ones who disclose to it. But it also safe to presume that many of the common “suspects” are not in fact “guilty”.

So exactly how could you tell if a movie star has actually had a nose job procedure? One approach is to check them out in person. Not quite an easy feat to do, due to the fact that not only are celebs often less than thrilled at being gawked at by people they don’t know, but it would be hard to tell just when exactly before they had the alleged work done. Also a more crucial question is: why do people want to know? Often because they are intrigued in seeing exactly what a nose job can do to improve their own appearance. Perhaps a better strategy would be to consult a plastic surgeon and asking to see a simulation of what rhinoplasty can do for them.




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