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Philippine Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty, Oriental Rhinoplasty, Nasal Reshaping

Philippine Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty, Oriental Rhinoplasty, Nasal Reshaping

Rhinoplasty is a not a single standard procedure that may address concerns of all patient. Different patient may have different concerns and needs. Its best to thoroughly discuss your desired result and area/s of your nose to which you want to have enhance or improvement.

The nose is best evaluate by diving the nose into three general area. This is the nasal bridge, nasal tip and alar base. Each area may have specific procedure/s depending on the pre-existing profile of the patient and desired outcome or result.

It would be nice if  your doctor can see photos of your face and nose(front and side view) so that he/she can evaluate your nasal profile and be able to determine and plan the right procedure/s for your nose that will attain the result you want.

There are several types of rhinoplasty procedures. Rhinoplasty or Nose job is not a single standard cosmetic procedure that just enhances the nose. The type of nose procedure that patients will need will depend on the specific concerns of the patient at a particular area of the nose. Just to mention the different type ofrhinoplasty surgery, these are the augmentation rhinoplasty, alar trimming, tip plasty, reduction rhinoplasty and infracture rhinoplasty. Different patient from different racial origin have specific nasal characteristic for example for patients that are Caucasians, they may have crooked nose or a hump. They will definitely need a reduction or in-fracture rhinoplasty to  straighten the dorsum of their nose (bony bridge of their nose).  While for Asians, its very common to see a low nasal bridge, round and wide nasal tip, wide or flaring alar base. Each of this features of an Asian nose can be corrected or enhance.

For a low bony bridge, this is best enhance by insertion of a nasal implants either silicon or gortex implant. The implants ininserted through an incision inside the nose and is place in a pocket under the skin, just above the bone. This is also called augmentation rhinoplasty or nose lift. A nasal tip that is round and wide that lacks definition (this is commonly describe as bulbous n asal tip) is best corrected with a tip plasty procedure, this would narrow down the width of the nasal tip, increase the projection and improve the definition of your nasal tip.

For patient with a wide and flaring alar base, that gives a strong and masculine facial profile, they will need alar trimming. Also the nose when viewed from the side, should have an exposed collumela and not covered by the alar rim, which is thick and overhanging among asians. Alar trimming would excise the excess alar rim, thinning the thickness of the alar rim and exposed your collumela when viewed from the side. This procedure also narrow down the width of your alar base to complement your facial profile.

To know more about your rhinoplasty procedure. It would be best to consult your surgeon, so that you may know all your options.




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