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Pain and Pain Management

Pain and Pain Management

Pain is a difficult topic to discuss because it depends on so many factors. But it’s a major issue that concerns everyone, as one contemplates surgery. Many patients worry needlessly about their surgery resulting in too much pain and either postpone or decide not to proceed with surgery.

Since every surgery is different and every patient is different, it is difficult to generalize about what to expect as a patient. For example, some patients never use pain medications while other patients require more medication. Some people simply have a higher and some a lower threshold of pain. Your surgeon will monitor all patients to provide the correct dosages of medication.

Be assured that your doctor and anesthesiologist will do everything possible to provide the most pain free experience for each patient.

You cosmetic plastic surgeon  will discuss all procedure and options available to you. They want your procedure(s) to be as pain free as possible not only because they care for you as a patient but also because they are professional who take pride in their work. Indeed the primary duty of the anesthesiologists to inform you of what is going to happen to you as you go into surgery. One main reason to use an experienced surgeon is their experience in handling pain issues, should they arise. With the input of the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, and pain medication, patients will be well take care of throughout the entire procedure. Additionally, the possible “24-7 “availability of the surgeon and possible nurse support will ensure assistance with any pain issue that might arise.
Post-surgery patients will be provided pain medication to minimize any discomfort. However, some patients elect to have a nurse or medical assistant stay with the patient during recovery, either one to several days. Additionally, in some cases, the surgeon will actually visit the patient’s home or hotel to check on the status of the patient and ascertain any pain issues that need to be addressed.

It is impossible to say there won’t be some discomfort during or after surgery but with experienced physicians, medical support staff, and the availability of pain medication when needed, should all minimize pain to the greatest extent possible.



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