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Living Life To the Fullest: The Renewed You Mom

Living Life To the Fullest: The Renewed You Mom

Becoming a mother is one of the most sincerely blissful moments a woman can experience in her lifetime. To behold a miraculous creation in the palm of a mother’s hands is ecstasy beyond compare.

Coupled with motherhood are the transformations that go beyond the physical. Aside from the changes in one’s physique caused by pregnancy, an emotional and psychological renewal also happens. For nine months, you carry in you a living and breathing extension of yourself, shielding it from harm and nurturing it until it springs forth into this world. As soon as a new mother lays eyes on her tiny fellow, everything becomes all about the baby and less about herself. And all her life, the mother will continue to gingerly look after her children until they are grown, showering them with tender loving care that no one else can give. Truly, mothers are treasures that are worth their weight in gold.

But being a mother should not mean that you refrain from maintaining a healthy and attractive appearance. Some mistakenly think that by keeping a vibrant outlook in life, mothers become  distracted from their priorities – the children and the household. On the contrary, a mother has every right in the world to be the best that she can be for the sake of her family and her own. To be happy and pleased with oneself just makes it all the more rewarding to care for your loved ones. As the saying goes, you cannot give what you do not have.


To start you off in your journey to unveiling a renewed you, below are some procedures aimed to address concerns involving common trouble body areas of mothers. These are sure to enhance your inherent beauty and will give you radiance unlike any other.

Dermal Fillers – All those sleepless nights helping your children with their homework and worrying about their safety may have taken its toll on your skin. Wrinkles may have started to appear, robbing you off of your innate charm and glow. Through Derma Fillers, your face’s original plumpness will be brought back without the trauma of a full on facial surgery. With minimal recovery needed, you will still have time to attend that piano recital your child has eagerly rehearsed for.

Matopexy – The breasts are a woman’s instrument in nourishing her child. It is also a symbolism of her unwavering passion for her partner. After breastfeeding, however, the natural suppleness of the skin may wear off giving way to the breast’s saggy appearance. A Matopexy or Breastlift will revive the breasts fullness by either creating an excision or by adding volume using implants. This procedure may require you to be confined in the hospital for days but know that the effects are worth the pain and effort.

Tummy Tuck – Skin stretching and weakened abdominal muscles are just some of the aftermaths of pregnancy that causes your tummy area to look unsightly. So instead of wearing that bikini that makes you feel confident and sexy, you trade it in for a matronly onesie that leaves you losing excitement in spending summers with your family in a beach getaway. It is time for you to leave your inhibitions at the door and opt for a Tummy Tuck procedure . What this does is it removes excess skin and abdominal fat, and repairs weakened muscles allowing you to achieve a svelte figure. Some swelling and bruising will be experienced which will persist for about two weeks but the remarkable results are sure to overshadow the distress.

Gone are the days when a mother is expected to be confined in the home, looking drab and losing vitality. Aside from being your family’s beacon of love and hope, you are their model of strength, courage and immeasurable beauty – both in and out. So, hold your head up high and keep your fire ablazing!

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