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How Mentoplasty Can Help Repair Double Chin Problem

How Mentoplasty Can Help Repair Double Chin Problem

Balance and harmony in facial look or structure is greatly affected by the shape and size of the chin. Understandably, people tend to be too concern once they notice that they currently have double chin which is may be due to inadequate chin projection. Double chin, for many individuals, is characterized by sagging and flapping chin skin or skin under the chin.

Often, this is brought by stubborn fat deposits at the chin area. Usually, chin fat is difficult to be eliminated, even by thorough physical exercise. That is why numerous people opt to have medical procedures in addressing their double chin conditions. In the past, the procedure which eliminate fatty deposite at the chin area are limited. Today, with the current development in technology you will find numbers of cosmetic procedures on which individuals can find answer to stubborn fat problems. One of which is the mentoplasty surgery.
Mentoplasty is basicaly a surgical procedure that changes chin projection and contour or shape. It balance the mentum or chin to other structures of the face. Mentum refers to the most anterior region of the jaw or the mandible. For some people, the jaw region is prominent, this is known as macrogenia or prognatism. If the jaw is somewhat deficient or receding, then the condition is known as retrognathia. With mentoplasty, the mentum region is aesthetically enhanced to make a better profile towards the face.

During mentoplasty surgery, the surgeon usually makes an incision in 1 or two feasible place either under the chin through the skin or inside the mouth through the oral mucosa. The procedure makes use of a bone burr or perhaps a drill or osteotomy saw, which is an electrical or gas operated instrument, to alter the shape and projection chin bone yet still give it a natural look. For bothersome fat chins, suction lipectomy or liposuction is applied to flat our the submental area. After sucking or melting out the fat, the surgeon will stitch the incision or apply a tape pressure dressing to help the skin redrape against the muscle.

More and more people are turning to mentoplasty to improve their double chin issues. The process can be performed in an outpatient surgical center or hospital. Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation is use to perform mentoplasty for more patient comfortability, keeping the patient sedated, numbed and awake. For more chin reductions that are more complex, general anesthesia might be used to place patient asleep throughout the relatively long surgery. After the procedure, the patient can go home or admitted for two to three days to recuperate. Some patients that may need complex mentoplasty surgery may be needed of hospital admission for further observations.

Just like in other kinds of surgery, mentoplasty also entails some health risk and complications. Its best to discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon. Common issues that patient encounter after surgery are swelling and bruising that resolve spontaneously after several weeks.

Prior to surgery doctor’s evaluation is very important and the final plan and technique to be use for a particular patient will depending on the age, skin type and also the psychological acceptance of the patient and preferred outcomes or result. 

Dr. Rino Lorenzo performs a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries including dermabrasion; cleft lip, palate, and other congenital defects; scar revision; surgery of physical malformation and malfunction as a result of trauma and burns; and even maxillofacial injuries. In terms of aesthetics, Dr. Rino is an expert in full body contouring, liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast surgery, facial rejuvenation, breast lift, breast reduction, buttocks augmentation, cheek and chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, upper and lower eyes rejuvenation, injectables such as Botox, and Dermal Fillers like Restylane and Perlane.




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