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How Do I Prepare For My Mom Makeover Procedures?

How Do I Prepare For My Mom Makeover Procedures?

Have you scheduled your appointment for a mom makeover procedure? What do you need to do then?

This is the right time for you to think about what to do next. Some will go around attending to details, some will also be experiencing an emotional upheaval before the surgery and some will be feeling anxious. While it is true that the time before the surgery can be a very stressful moment, it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s completely natural for you to feel nervous and anxious now that you have mom makeover procedure in your calendar. Just follow the advice I have here – which was created to help mommies like you – and things will go much more smoothly.

Preoperative Appointment

Before the actual procedure, you will probably have a preoperative appointment with your surgeon. Aside from consultation and depending on the procedure, this visit may also include blood testing.

Blood Test
The most common blood test is called “Complete Blood Count” or CBC. This is conducted to identify any existing health problems such as infections and anemia. It can also provide early warnings to certain diseases like some cancers such as lymphoma or leukemia. A CBC test can also predict if you are high risk for postoperative infections. Usually before a mom makeover procedure, a pregnancy test will be conducted if you have not gone through a menopause..

Quit Smoking
If you smoke, the right time to quit is now. Quitting smoking will significantly reduce your risk of experiencing poor healing or necrosis. Smoking greatly contributes on making your incision to swell, become ugly and huge, and will not heal well at all. Necrosis can lead to loss of tissues, skin and to additional operations. Definitely, cigarette is not worth all these. Quitting is very difficult, but it is not also impossible.

Avoiding Some Medications

On your preoperative appointment, your cosmetic surgeon will give you some advices and instructions that will help you avoid complications and for fast healing. If you are taking some medications, he might ask you to stop certain medications before your procedures. Most of these medications that your surgeon will advise you to avoid will mostly be any products that contain ibuprofen or aspirin and any supplements or drugs that might interact badly with anesthesia. Ask your surgeon about them for more information.

Things to Buy

Your surgeon may also give you a list of things to buy or have around at home while you heal after the procedure. This list may include cold compresses (you can also use bags of frozen berries or peas as a cold compress), antibacterial soap, gauze and other types of dressing for the area of your incision. Ask your surgeon to provide you a list of these things.

Have a “Postoperative Proof” Home

Have you heard about “postoperative proofing”? It means preparing your home for your recovery before undergoing mom makeover procedures so that you can just relax after it. Prepare everything in your home in such a way that all the things that you need are readily available. Remember that you should have a complete rest after your surgery and therefore you are not allowed to do some hard and heavy works. It will also be very helpful if you have someone in your home to do the house chores during your recovery period.



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