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Abdominoplasty – Swelling Reduction Tips for Tummy Tuck Recovery

Abdominoplasty – Swelling Reduction Tips for Tummy Tuck Recovery

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck procedure is a surgical option that is utilized to reduce skin and fat deposits located in the abdominal region. The treatment is carried out by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, and typically needs a period of a minimum three week in initial recovery time. Although swelling is a normal aspect of the healing process, generally there are ways to reduce it during your recovery. In this article, we will summarize a few tips and tricks to help you through.

1. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. While you may believe that the excess water consumption will result in bloatedness and added water weight, the actual problem is bowel irregularity. Most patients encounter constipation due to the pain medications supplied post-operation, adding to the swelling of the abdomen all through the recovery. This can be helped by a daily consumption of water soften bowel movement.

2 . Decrease your salt intake. Excess sodium results in bloating and water retention, most significantly in the tummy area. In order to avoid this, cut down fast food meals and other food items which are high in sodium content, including chips, salted nuts, canned soups, and pretzels throughout the recovery process.

3. Exercise carefully, with gradual progression and with caution. Whilst you do not want to strain your whole body, it will not hurt to get up and off the couch every now and then. Start out by chatting and walking with others around the block the first week, improving your stride as you feel it suitable. Refrain from jogging, abdominal crunches, or stretching on the first 4 to 6 weeks, as such activities only increase swelling and will only prolong your recovery period.

4. Stay clear or avoid caffeine. Caffeine only helps water retention, thus producing additional swelling. Avoid drinking sodas, coffee drinks, as well as tea. Caffeine pills should also be avoided..

5. A massage can be good for you like endormology. Have a discussion with your surgeon whether a massage treatment is suitable to your condition. If you have had additional procedures alongside your tummy tuck surgery Manila , it may be suggested that you participate in some other activity. If deemed appropriate, wait at least two weeks into your recovery prior to arranging an appointment. Make sure to discuss your situation with your health care provider in order to prevent aggravating your scars. Massage therapy are a wonderful way to help increase blood flow and drainage of fluids that can build or build-up during post-surgery.

6. Be sure to discuss any questions or issues with your doctor regarding your tummy tuck procedure. Every operation is different, and you should be aware of the do’s and don’ts prior to taking part in any activity or serious diet change.




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